Productions Info

All over in Italy (except for Milan) crew members work a 9 + 1 hours day
For example: call at 7.00 out at 17.00
Turnaround is 11 hours
AC is paid one day to test camera equipment
Key Grip, Gaffer and AC are paid two days to check the equipment and load/unload trucks.
Milan crew members work a 8 + 1 hours day
For example: call at 7.00 out at 16.00
Turnaround is 11 hours


When shooting in historical areas of main cities the permit takes an average of 7-10 working days to clear. In small towns it takes an average of 5-8 working days.
When shooting cars on main roads, with temporary closing and traffic control, we need at least 12 working days to acquire the permit.

This Italian law regarding safety and health features on the working place, which came into effect with the law decrees n.626 of September 19th 1994 and n.242 of March 19th 1996, brought important changes in the assignment of responsibilities for the worker’s protection, not only left to the employer (as it was before the reform) but also to the employees, with their active and personal participation, and to the persons in charge of the safety (Production Manager).
There are many important provisions that rule the involvement of the employees in the company activity.

Each employee must receive from the employer:
Appropriate information, for his safety and health, of the risks connected to the working activity.
Adequate training, on the subject of safety and health, with specific reference to the tasck carried on to his workplace.

Each employee must take care of his health and safety and of the persons present on the work place, whom could be damaged by the effects of one’s own actions or omissions, according to the training, the instructions and the equipment provided by employer.

The employer puts at the employees disposal safe and adequate working equipment (machine, instruments, tools or installation to be used for work) and provides and thorough and preventive training and information in order to obtain the utmost safety level.

According with the 2008 Financial Law (Italian Law n. 244/2007) in Italy has been introduced a tax benefits package for the film sector regarding foreign producers shooting in Italy.

For a foreign producer shooting in Italy, working with an Italian production with a production service agreement, it’s now available a tax credit that makes much more competitive the Italian territory as location for shooting.

In case of eligible film the Italian Producer is entitled to receive a Tax credit correspondent to

•    25% of the total of production costs in Italy.
•    This amount of costs can be up to the 60% of the total budget of the film.
•    The maximum tax credit amount for individual film is 5 million euro.

The films in question, in order to receive the tax benefit, are subjected to a test stand that ensures the Italian or European cultural matrix.
A foreign film to be eligible for the tax credit needs to score at least 50 points out of 100 in a point system provided by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The application must be submitted at least two months before start filming, because the institution of the delivery takes 30 days to evaluate the subject.

In Italy when shooting with talents under 18 years old (minors) we must acquire authorization from the provincial authority for the location where the filming will take place.
If the shooting takes place in locations spread on several provinces, each provincial authority must issue clearance.
The permit takes an average of 7-12 working days to clear.
In order to obtain a working provincial office permit here below the requirements for each minor:
1. Doctor’s certificate of good health
2. Signed parent permission (both parents must sign)
3. School permission
4. Script or Story Board
5. Location and date of the filming to take place.
A parent must be present with the child on location at all times.
If the employment is more than 5 days, a teacher must be available on location.

1 January New Year’s holiday
6 January Epiphany
25 April Liberation Day
1 May Workers Day
2 June Republic Day
15 August Assumption
16 August Film Industry Workers Day
1 November All Saint
8 December Immaculate Conception
25 December Christmas
26 December St Stephen Day

20 April Easter
21 April Easter Monday

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ROME 29 June St.Peter and Paul
MILAN 7 December St. Ambrose
VENICE 25 April St Mark